"Whisper of the Heart" STUDIO GHIBLI

In those days, if I had not watched this movie...
I would not have continued the antique business.
At the time I was an international student and an apprentice at the antique shop, the antique shop (the building of the left image) that appears in this movie was very nice. Someday imagined and I was wondering if it would be nice to have such a nice store in my hometown and it is a work that became the starting point to decide to flung myself into this business seriously.
From that time on, I could gain confidence in my work a little bit.
The dream came true I decided at that time became reality.
Did I make a little closer to the ideal I drew in my mind since that time?
Cast: Honma Yoko, Takahashi Issei, Shogo Eguchi, Kobayashi Kei, Takayama Minami
Distributor: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
July 15, 1995 release



僕が留学生であり、アンティークショップで見習いだった当時、この映画に出てくるアンティーク店(左画像の建物)がとっても素敵だったんです。 いつか故郷にあんな素敵な店を持てたら良いなぁ~と、この仕事を本気で頑張ってみようと決心する起点になった作品です。


出演: 本名陽子, 高橋一生, 露口茂, 小林桂樹, 高山みなみ
販売元: ブエナ・ビスタ・ホーム・エンターテイメント
1995年7月15日 封切り

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