In our lounge, all of the cutlery is using antique silverware, so that you can experience the way to take it into everyday life and use it well. 
The sterling silver whose purity is infinitely close to 100% (99%), The purity of "solid silver" is 80 to 99%, also use silver-play is variously used properly.
The oldest silver products now known are those of 3000 BC ago, silver is one of the precious metals first treated by ancient people. In the medieval European era, it was clarified that silver had a good effect on the human body, it became popular as dishe of silverware. 
Silver gives the necessary ions to the body, making it difficult for rotten drinks and foods to go bad, and changing color in response to poison. And the habit of giving birth to a newborn baby amulet or souvenir gifts continues to today.  
Although silverware is not so good reputation of "It is difficult to handle because it discolors upon oxidation". As everyday use, beauty will hardly change if you keep on love forever. The silver you use at our lounge always keeps on using it, keeping the water shining beautiful glow.

そして、産まれた赤ちゃんのお守りや記念品でプレゼントする習慣が今日にまで続いています。 「酸化して変色するので扱いづらい」 と評判が決して良くない銀食器ですが、普段使いとして、ずっと愛用していただければ美しさは殆ど変わりません。 喫茶室でお使い頂く銀も、常に使い続けるからこそ、水々しい美しい輝きを保ち続けています。