wine bar Barrio

I’m walking through Castle town Chofu.🚶📷🍷
Let’s make it to Chofu of Night. Tonight we went to a wine bar. You can enjoy creative cuisine and world alcohol. It was refurbished well while leaving of the store trace which was a sushi shop before. A handsome owner is seriously looking for a lover♪

夜の長府にくり出そう~ 今夜は行き付けのワインバーへ。美味しい創作料理と世界のお酒を楽しめます。前はお寿司屋だった店舗跡の雰囲気を残しつつ上手く改装されています。イケメンなオーナーさんが彼女を絶賛募集中ですよ♪